About Us

Here at Step Above Most Dance Studio (SAM) our goal is to instill the love and joy of dance into every child and adult that walks through the doors. It is the love of dance that is seen first before the ability of a student is ever evident. It is our belief that each and every person should have the opportunity to discover that passion for the arts.

Once that love is born, we here at Step Above Most will nourish it by teaching proper technique from the beginning. A strong ballet base will provide each dancer with balance, control, flexibility and determination. These traits present in the classroom will carry over into all areas of the dancer's life outside of the studio.

It is the goal at Step Above Most Dance Studios to create a positive environment for every child and adult in which there is a mutual respect for all who come through the doors. Everyone involved is and will be treated as equals.

Each person that comes into Step Above Most will have an understanding and belief in the mission of our school, and will be expected to assist in its accomplishment and success.