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Pre-Ballet & Pre-Tap

In Step Above Most Dance Studio pre-ballet and pre-tap classes children learn the fundamentals of dance. We focus on basic motor skills, and vocabulary. Children will be given the opportunity to be creative to music while learning how to dance with others and pay attention in a structured environment. Classes are shorter in length to keep the younger students wanting more.


All ballet classes at Step Above Most are broken up into three sections. Each class starts with exercises at the barre to teach proper placement and technique while giving the dancer the added support they need. The second part of the class students will move to the center of the room where they will learn several different combinations. The center work expands on what is being worked on at the barre but without the support of one. The last portion of class is across the floor. Here the dancer will learn to both soar through the air with a variety of different jumps and leaps and also learn the importance of spotting one's head while turning.


This form of dance is reserved for the serious dancer. Students must be enrolled in a minimum of two ballet classes per weel. This particular class is by permission only.


Step Above Most jazz classes are instructed in the Giordano technique. This technique focuses on isolation throughout the body while building strong backs. This is accomplished by a high-energy warm-up that really gets the heart rate up. Following the warm-up students will learn a fun and challenging combination that incorporates a lot of the body placement that is worked on in the warm-up.


The style of tap taught is a hoofing style. Many people today refer to it as a street funk tap. This tap technique allows the dancer to really stay lower into the ground as opposed to the old “Broadway” style of tap, which is much more into the balls of the feet. The focus is on clear sound and intricate rhythm. All classes consist of a warm-up, across the floor, and a center combination.

Adult Classes

Dance is a great way to keep one’s mind and body at ease and in shape. Our adult classes offer a great way to keep you feeling good. Adults are taught basic terminology and body placement while emphasizes particular exercises that get the blood flowing and create long and lean muscles. Our adults do not need to conform to our strict dress code. We ask that you wear clothing that is not too large but that you feel comfortable in. Hair needs to be out of face but we do not require a bun for adult classes.

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