Recital Info

Spring Gala : June 20th

Theatre Etiquette

There can be no food or drink of any kind in the theatre or backstage areas at any time.

Please remind your friends and family that there is absolutely no videotaping and no "flash" photography allowed during the rehearsal or recital. If a video recorder is spotted, we will ask that individual to leave recital without a refund. This policy is for the safety of our students. There will be a professionally done video available for purchase. DVD Order forms are available here. or at the ticket booth the day of the recital. Order forms and checks may be dropped off or mailed directly to the studio.  If you would like to take pictures of your child on the stage you may do so after the recital. We will also have a photographer that will make every effort to take group photos the day of the dress rehearsal or recital which will be available through our website within a couple of weeks after the recital.

Please no parents or friends backstage during dress rehearsal or performance. Students will not be allowed to leave during the performance. Please do not enter backstage for any reason during the performance. Please do not use the side stage door for any reason, it is very distracting for the dancers, teachers and stage crew.


The box office and theatre will open no earlier than 1 hour prior to the start of the performance.  Please drop off your child no later than 1 hour prior the day of the performance.

Please drop off and pick up your child for the performance at the assigned drop-off. Please come to the door to request your child after the performance ends. We will deliver them to the stage door. This is for the safety of your children.

Parents please enjoy the show from the auditorium. No children will be allowed to leave the backstage area without a parent. We will have assigned chaperones that will monitor your student and assist in changing costumes during dress rehearsal and the performance.

Please make sure your students are "rested" and "fed". It will be a long day and we don't want to make it stressful with unnecessary hunger or fatigue. Also, if your student has a long wait backstage please bring something "quiet" for them to play with while waiting for their dance. For Example: Coloring Books, Crayons (no markers), Books, Game boys, MP3 Players, etc.

Dancer Preparation

Dancers should arrive with make-up on and hair done. Do not have the children wear their costumes to the recital as they may become wrinkled and dirty. Be sure to cover the costume on the way to the auditorium as the costumes are rentals and not purchased.

Please make sure that all costume parts are kept together for the day of the show. Dance shoes need to be neat and clean with bows tucked into the shoe. Please make sure your tights are hole and run free. Hair should be pulled back in a neat bun with bobby pins and hairnet with no scrunchies, rhinestones or extra hair decorations (unless otherwise specified by your Director). Please use hairspray or gel to assure no hair problems.

For All Dancers

Absolutely no nail polish should be worn for the rehearsal or performance.  Also, please leave all jewelry at home. No jewelry should be worn with the costume the day of the rehearsal or the day of the performance. Step Above Most is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


Please see the appropriate list for all accessories, etc. needed for the performance. A list is located at the dance studio. 

  • ALL costumes for dress rehearsal and recital
  • Appropriate color tights for each costume and extras are suggested in case of accidental damage
  • Hair and make-up should be done prior to arriving at the theatre the day of the recital. Extra hair accessories (bobby pins, elastics, nets and hair spray) and make-up (lipstick and blush) are suggested to keep the hair and make-up looking fresh during the recital.
  • Dancer's name should be on or inside ALL of her belongings. Step Above most will not be responsible for lost or stolen items

Remember to:

  • Register for summer and fall classes
  • Order your copy of the Recital DVD: Click Here for the DVD Order Form
  • Pre-order your Step Above Most dance attire. Order to be placed at the studio.
  • It's traditional to congratulate your dancer on a job well done with flowers. Pre-order flowers to present to your dancer after the show. 

Event Details

Spring Gala

June 20th 2020 @ 1:00pm

The Auditorium at Derryfield High School

Check in for performers is 11am

*There is also a mandatory  Dress Rehearsal. June 18th from 3:30–8:00pm* 

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